Natural Philosophy

-My venerable brother, there are many books that speak of comedy. Why does this one fill you with such fear?
-Because it’s by Aristotle.
-But what is so alarming about laughter?
-Laughter kills fear, and without fear there can be no faith because without fear of the Devil, there is no more need of God.
– But you will not eliminate laughter by eliminating that book.
– No, to be sure, laughter will remain the common man’s recreation. But what will happen if, because of this book, learned men were to pronounce it admissable to laugh at everything? Can we laugh at God? The world would relapse into chaos! Therefore, I seal that which was not to be said. In the tomb I become.
[ he tosses the book at the candle, which ignites a fire that destroys all the books in the abbey tower]
The Name of the Rose

The question of relation between the Physical, the Platonic and the Mental Worlds echoes through the centuries. It is interesting that the ancient Greek philosophers took some of these questions seriously. Plato insists that mathematical objects must be perfectly abstract and have a separate, non-material kind of existence. Aristotle refuted this in books M and N of the Metaphysics. According to Aristotle, the geometrical square is a significant aspect of the square floor tile, but it can only be understood by discarding other irrelevant aspects such as the exact measurements, the tiling material, etc. In the 20th century there are various doctrines: Formalism, Constructivism, set-theoretical Platonism etc.

According to our explanation of Consciousness, we advocate ”unification of worlds”: there is a single World: The Physical. This should be clear given that Consciousness that is giving rise to the Mental World is an Emergent Quantum Phenomenon. Ergo, every product the mind, belongs to the Mental World and thus is a part of the Physical World. We believe that the Platonic World is an idealization and extrapolation of ”profound realities” related to our existence. However the Uncertainty Principle introducing fundamental subjectivity is clearly in conflict with the previous.

“Truth, not only (like art) lies in the eye of the beholder
but is subject to Renormalization Group Flow.”

The coincidence of the Physical and Platonic world (e.g. all mathematics) has amusing consequences: Every consistent mathematical framework will express some ”truth” during the evolution of the Universe1. At the opposite extreme, for example, if the our Universe initiated from a perfectly homogeneous quantum fluctuation (Inflation) there is a time where Number Theory and Mathematical Truth fails, in the sense that in the absence of any localization we believe that there can be no counting

1If the scenario of Eternal Chaotic Inflation or the more recent Landscape ideas (e.g. see [1] ) are realised then there is no guarantee that different universes will have the same evolution. If the effective potential that describes the process has more than one vacua then it is expected that all will be populated according with the laws of Quantum Theory. In this case although the basics principles might be the same – physics will look different. Now if the underlying principles remain the same then by examining the Mathematics of Our Universe one should be able to access the Physical Laws of All Universes. This should not be so surprising given that even after the choice of a dominant vacuum there are always instanton contributions of the rest.
2if the initial state of the Universe is characterized by discrete conserved quantum numbers one should reconsider the latter – such a case, however, is not emergent and thus not relational hence conflicts fundamentally with our ideas. Read more interesting here!