A research paper on global warming should be well researched and informative
The reality of the effects of global warming and its consequences have come into sharp focus through movies like “The Day After Tomorrow” and “2012“. Though scientists are trying to find ways to reduce the effects of global warming, it is the responsibility of each and every citizen of this earth to help stop global warming. Writing research papers on global warming could help solve this problem with new innovative ideas from you.

Learn to write an effective research paper

A research paper on global warming is one of the easiest to write as there are many documented facts and evidences available in scientific journals, internet etc. Your research paper should be presented just like any other research paper. You will need to present your paper in the specified writing style, written in the correct format and structure. You will need to have the following components:

  • Introduction – define global warming and write a brief account of its causes, effects and the problems faced by man. Formulate an effective thesis statement which would also be a reflection of your opinion on global warming and its problems.
  • Body paragraphs – should present your arguments to support your thesis statement. Your arguments could be based on the causes, effects and consequences of global warming. Try to support arguments with examples as this would make your research paper more effective.
  • Conclusion – present a summary of your arguments and evidences. You need to also convey your opinion and ideas on how this problem could be resolved.

Write your research paper based on facts and evidences

Research papers on global warming should be written only after you have researched the topic well. It is a paper that has to be written based on facts and evidences. You need to have facts on the causes, effects and the prevention of global warming. Here are some ideas for your research paper:

  1. Causes of global warming
    Deforestation has become a big concern today. We are cutting down trees faster than what it takes to grow them back. Trees are important as they absorb the carbon dioxide that we release during breathing. Due to the lack of trees the carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas is increasing in the air.
  2. Effects of global warming
    Due to the increase in greenhouse gases, there is a rise in temperature and this is causing a meltdown of the Polar Regions. There has been a considerable rise in the water levels in the past few years. Land mass will finally reduce.
  3. How man can help prevent global warming
    If we stop destroying our forests or replace the trees that we chop down, then the greenhouse gases would be absorbed and there would be hope for the earth.