Hone your critical thinking skills to write critical analysis research papers

Learn to write a critical analysis research paper from the experts

To write an analysis, you must first have some knowledge on the subject. Unless you know something on the subject, you will not be able to identify the strong or weak points of a research paper. A critical analysis research paper assignment is frequently set for students as it checks your knowledge on the topic, your ability to analyze and your research paper writing skills.

Understand the points for analysis in a research paper

Though some students might find analyzing a research paper difficult, it is much easier than writing the actual research paper. Analyzing research papers is beneficial as it helps you to develop and hone your critical thinking skills, analytical skills and researching capabilities. The purpose of writing critical analysis research papers is to explain, defend or disagree on a certain argument. This type of research paper is written based on facts and your opinion. Therefore when writing your research paper, you will need to scrutinize and analyze the following:

  • Analyze the author’s point of view
    Give your views on the why you think the author might have chosen the particular topic for investigation. Analyze if the author has identified the topic in relevance to the subject. Mention the effectiveness of the methods used by the author to investigate his/her specific topic.
  • Analyze the written paper
    Has it been written in the writing style relevant for the topic? Has it been formatted according to the rule of the writing style? Has the author employed the correct citation format for the sources used? Do the contents of the paper justify the topic as well as the thesis statement? These are some of the questions you need to ask yourself when writing a critical analysis research paper.

How do you write an analysis of a research paper?

It is just like writing any other research paper, the only difference being you are presenting your opinion on someone else’s work. You will need to follow the basic essay writing structure i.e. it should have an introduction, body and a conclusion. Once you have gathered all the analyzed materials, you will need to organize them into a proper structure. Here are some essay help and guidelines on how a research paper on critical analysis is written:

  • Introduction – mention the topic of the research paper that you will be analyzing. Why have you chosen this particular piece to be analyzed? Formulate a topic for the research paper that you are writing based on your analysis.
  • Main body – you will need to organize all the all the points that you have gathered into a systematic manner of presentation. This part of your research paper has to be divided into several paragraphs, each point leading to the next. Present your arguments on the different categories that you have analyzed and ensure that each point is supported with strong evidence.
  • Conclusion – you need to sum up your arguments. Explain why your critical analysis of the research paper is important.

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