A good anthropology dissertation idea comes from understanding the subject

Anthropology is a branch of sociology helps us understand the origin of man and his evolution culturally, scientifically, linguistically and socially. Therefore, there is a plethora of anthropology dissertation ideas to choose from. To write good dissertations, choose topics that are easy to research, interesting to read and write. You can base your paper on any one of the fields of study or a combination of fields. For example you could write your paper on the linguistic evolution of a particular culture.

Anthropology Dissertation Ideas

Understand the different fields in anthropology

Anthropology is a complex subject that can basically be categorized into different fields of study. Understanding these diverse fields will help you develop an anthropology dissertation idea. The following are some of the anthropological fields available to students:

  1. Physical
    This branch studies the evolution of man from the days of prehistoric times till date. It examines how the different environments and cultures have influenced and brought about the growth, development and change in man.
  2. Cultural
    The human society follows a hierarchy which has helped him to control his society and delegate responsibilities. Therefore this division studies the various methods by which man has learnt to maintain a sense common identity.
  3. Linguistic
    It is important that we learn how the languages that we use today have evolved from the grunting noises and the pictures on cave walls. Is a civilization influenced by the language or is it the other way around?
  4. Archeological
    This field helps us understand our past. From the things created by man such as jewelry, cooking utensils, building materials etc. archeologists have been able to interpret the type of lifestyle led by our ancestors.

Ideas for anthropology papers are all around us

Anthropology is a wide field as there is so much to study on mankind. No one person can study and research all the various aspects of the development of the human race. As such anthropology dissertation ideas can be picked up from any one of these fields. As your paper would definitely involve the culture of various societies and civilization, your ideas could evolve from the following:

  1. Religion
    Every civilization and culture believes in religion. You could write about how religious beliefs have played a prominent role in many historical events such as the Crusades, the Spanish Inquisition etc. You could also write about the ancient religions of the Mayans and the Aztec and their belief in sacrificial rites.
  2. Economics
    Social structures of ancient cultures thrived due to their economics. Your dissertation could be based on the study done by anthropologists on the caste system and the class system and how it shaped the lives of a particular civilization.