Online colleges and online education now occupy an increasingly large portion of the academic landscape. Yet just two decades ago, the idea of a virtual classroom was a high-tech novelty. The idea that online education could ever replace the traditional classroom would have seemed exaggerated, even far-fetched. The World Wide Web (as it was cumbersomely known at the time) was in its infancy. We were only beginning to imagine its potential to impact our lives, let alone the transformative effect it would have on our education.

Today, the Internet presents a world of opportunities that have completely transformed the state of modern education from the way we learn, study, and test to the way we engage information, assignments, and each other. Thus, where online education once satisfied a niche population of students and invoked scrutiny for its questionable academic rigor, the accountability of its assessments, and the quality of the overall experience, it is today both an inextricable part of the broader educational sector and a massive private industry.

An ever-increasing number of students are rushing to the online classroom for the accommodation of gaining school credits from the solace of their home. In any case, a significant number of these students are poorly arranged for the devotion and control should have been effective in the online condition. In many cases, students have confusions concerning the thoroughness of online courses, and they frequently belittle the measure of time and order important to finish assignments, exchanges, tests, and tasks. In this way, it is essential for the educator to set the tone of the course to enable students to succeed.

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